Sunday, June 9, 2024

Five days of Box Making

I just finished a great 5 day box making class at ESSA. My 7 students made between 3 and 5 boxes of various designs. All claimed that they loved the class. 

In the past I've discussed the difficulties presented by unrestricted economic growth. That's the subject of this article in the New York Times that you can read as my gift. 

Statistics on economic growth only measure the flow of money from exercises of making and spending. I like to suggest that there are more important things than money that money offers no measure of. The care we offer each other is an example.

One simple way to gradually withdraw from the destructive economy would be to cease buying things made of plastic and to buy hand crafted things from wood instead. 

By doing so, we'll have invested in the learning and character of other human beings, and will acquire useful objects of greater lasting value.

Make, fix and create...

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