Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Using a table saw for finger joints...

A reader asked about the right kind of blade for making 1/8 in. finger joints:
My grand daughter appreciated the Walnut top Lift Lid box I recently made for her and now has requested that I make a pencil box for her. Every box brings it's own challenges/opportunities and I am looking forward to making it. I was wondering, do I need a special saw blade to make the box joints or will an Alternate Tooth Bevel blade give me the cut I need. I see in your book on page 38 you recommend a dado blade. Perhaps I need to get this type of blade for this joint. Thanks.
Check out a Freud ripping blade. Some have a three way grind, with teeth that alternate between beveled and flat. Some combination blades also have this feature. You can use an alternating bevel blade but it will leave small gaps. My favorite blade for this is a Forest Woodworker II with a #1 OD special grind. It costs about $10.00 more than a regular grind Woodworker II. But if you do a lot of this kind of work, the extra cost is miniscule.