Wednesday, December 7, 2016

rubber bands, hinges and clamps...

I have an article in this month's Fine Woodworking on selection of hinges. It's issue 259 February 2017. The article begins on p. 50 and can also be found online at In addition, on page 17 of the same issue I offer simple shop made corner clamps.

A reader asked about the large rubber bands that I use to assemble boxes in my books and DVD on box making. At one time, I simply went into our local office supply store and bought the largest sizes they had in one pound boxes, without paying much attention to the numeric size. But our office supply store closed last year, and ordering online requires precise information.

Here is what I recommend. Go to and order rubber bands in sizes 105, 107 and 109.These may be a bit large for some of the smallest boxes you would make, but those can be assembled using more common off the shelf rubber bands that would find in your desk drawer.