Sunday, March 13, 2011

making a dovetail marking template

I am planning to have my students do a unit in box making, so I am preparing the tools needed. The first thing is a simple jig for marking out dovetail pins as shown in the drawing above. The steps in making this are shown in the series of photos below. No doubt you have seen similar tools made of brass. These are what you can do when you need several and would rather spend your money on other things. Because the ends are 90 degrees, they can also be used for marking the other lines necessary for cutting dovetails. And it is so much more fun to make things yourself. No shopping on-line, no credit card required, no waiting for the UPS truck to arrive, and you have the fun and satisfaction of having made something yourself.
Tilt the sawblade to 8 degrees and cut the dovetail shape.

Return the blade to 90 degrees and remove the stock between the angled cuts
Make a cut with the blade height set at 3/8 in.

Set the fence 1/8 in. from the blade and rip to finish forming the template.