Wednesday, August 25, 2021

oiling boxes

 I've been applying danish oil to boxes as you can see in the photo. The 20 boxes were made during the late spring and early summer but waited patiently while I sanded them and got them ready for finish. 

The finish used is inspired by the Sam Maloof formula that you can mix yourself. Mix 2 parts oil based polyurethane, one part boiled linseed oil and one part mineral spirits. The finish can be mixed in small batches and is relatively inexpensive to mix up. I use a plastic container that has ounce markings on the side. I pour in polyurethane from the can, up to the ten ounce mark, then linseed oil up to the fifteen ounce mark and then top off with mineral spirits to the 20 ounce mark. 

One advantage of this finish is that it can be wiped on and rubbed out to a pleasant sheen. It requires two coats. Another advantage is that it smells OK. And if you are going to work with a finish, you'll want it to be pleasant to the nose as well as to the hands. 

But what about the hands? You can wear rubber gloves if you like, or use sawdust to scrub the oil off your hands before washing with soap and water. In a wood shop sawdust is in abundant supply and readily absorbs oil from oily hands.

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