Sunday, January 1, 2023


Today I'm  practicing, by making small bandsawn boxes as shown. The secret of bandsawn boxes is to have something in mind before you start cutting a block of wood into little pieces and then putting them back together with glue. For someone who wants to do woodworking that goes quick and offers near immediate results, bandsawn boxes can be a good project. These are small, but larger ones can be made.

They can be simple or more ornate, they can be textured and painted with milk paints. They are fun.

One of the founders of Home Depot, one of the world's largest suppliers of do-it-yourself supplies has decided that Americans would prefer to be fat and lazy. So who does he think shops in his stores each day? Folks like you and me who want to make stuff and make stuff happen for the world and the American economy.

Make, fix and create. Happy New Years! Need a resolution? Make something before the year is out. You've plenty of time before the next holiday season.

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