Saturday, June 18, 2022

Designing on SketchUp


I find that it is far easier to simply make boxes than to design them, but that using design software to present their making to readers is useful. I began using Sketchup at the request of an editor at Taunton Press to communicate with their illustrators and editors. By laying things out in SketchUp they could measure the parts I prescribed to see that they conformed to the cutting list, that they actually fit together and that nothing was left out. 

Now given some time to mess with things I'm attempting to get better at the use of Sketchup. I'm taking my drawings to a higher level of refinement  in anticipation of doing a book on box design. 

This pen and ink box is an example. I thank David Heim and his book on SketchUp for helping me to take my illustration work to a higher level. David's book is available on Amazon.

Make Boxes.

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