Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Shaker boxes

I am in the process of finishing 6 Shaker boxes that were made as demonstration boxes for my high school students. As they were making boxes, I would use my own to demonstrate their next steps. As a result, I have boxes of my own that I can use for charity auctions, and give to friends.

My own Shaker boxes are not as fine as some made by more experienced and dedicated Shaker box makers. But the point is the pleasure to be found in making them.  Even with a few flaws, they are useful and will give someone pleasure to own.

I learned today that one of my students had given the one she made as a Christmas present to her Dad. It was well received. She apologized that it was not better made. But parents sometimes know the challenges involved in doing real things, and that their son's or daughter's best work will come later as they mature. In the meantime, it is a useful box that's found a place on her father's desk, and now holds precious things.

To make something useful and beautiful is to re-create oneself in that self-same image.

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