Monday, February 22, 2010

Lucy's toolkit

Lucy's tool kit, which I made in response to the near complete absence of tools as she entered college will finally be published by agreement with Woodworker's Journal. This will be the first article I've had in Woodworker's Journal since the late 1990's, and they were the first magazine to publish my project articles. I want to welcome myself back. This is an article they published about my work in in 1996.


Larry Wade said...

My six year old granddaughter Sarah is interested in making things with me and I'm trying to encourage her. My daughter and I are trying to figure out what size (weight) of hammer would be appropriate, any recommendations on hammer and other simple tools that would be age appropriate?

Also, I tried to find your referenced article on "Lucy's Toolkit" and couldn't find it by searching on Woodworker's Journal, did it get published?


Portland, Oregon

Doug Stowe said...

Larry, look for an 8 ounce hammer. Lucy's tool kit is scheduled for publication but has not come out yet.