Saturday, March 21, 2009

What kind of class? What kind of instruction?

I got a call from a box maker and former student interested in reviewing learning options. She wants to take her box making to the next level, and wondered about various classes and the possibility of personal tutoring. So I asked a question that is too rarely asked and that students seldom consider: "What kind of learner are you?" "Do you learn best in groups, or working quietly by yourself?" Human beings are not one size fits all. Some will learn best to see things clearly outlined in books. Some learn best by watching on TV. Some (and perhaps the majority) learn best when their own hands are engaged in the process.

Knowing your own learning style is a something that can help in making the very serious decision concerning which from a number of learning options will offer you the greatest success. You can take a simple test to determine your own learning style Here. When you get your results, you may be just a bit better prepared to assess your learning choices, as to which will bring the greatest growth in the shortest amount of time and for the most reasonable investment of your financial resources.

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